Gorgeous Glow

Private Spray Tanning Suite.


We offer the look and benefits of a healthy, natural tan without the harmful effects of UV rays. Our tanning solutions are plant-based and contain natural additives, such as white and green tea extracts, plant floral, and Vitamin E. This means that our spray tan will actually benefit your skin!

Not only is our tanning solution 100% natural and organic, we promise - no orange colour! Only the most natural looking golden tan in a shade of your choice.


Each tanning session takes less than 15 minutes and starts with a 5 minute consultation. Your tan is fully customized to your skin tone to ensure that you get a natural looking tan, with the desired shade and depth.

After your tan is complete, we will provide you with an aftercare sheet to ensure your tan keeps its optimal color throughout the week.

We're passionate about providing our clients with a healthy, safe alternative to traditional tanning methods. You will receive a beautiful, golden brown tan that is sure to be envied by others!

Spray Tanning Packages

We offer a Private Spray Tanning Suite


(per person - minimum of 5)


Host a spray tan party with a min. of 5 of your friends (total of 6 people). Party host tans for FREE!!


  • Partiers (5) become bronze for the deeply discounted price of $28 each.

  • All party goers must tan.


LOVE 2 B TAN - 1 PERSON - $32


Enjoy a private spray tan session for 1.

  • 1 Tan Visit - $32

  • 4 Tan Visits - $115

  • 8 Tan Visits - $210



(per person - minimum of 5)

  • Getting hitched?

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette party?

  • Bridal party (5 or more)

  • Champagne Cocktail included.


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